The Tribe Summit 2017
Every Business Owner Knows That 10 Minutes Talking With The Right Person Can Literally Change Your Life. 
The Tribe Summit 2017 Is YOUR CHANCE To Be At An Event Full Of "The Right People"
When You Join Us At The Summit, 
You’ll Walk Away With:
  •  Retail contacts and connections that could open up new sales avenues for your products and help you expand off Amazon…
  •  New ways to invest your profits that help you build long term wealth
  •  A new rolodex of connections after having networked with brilliant, high-level entrepreneurs, investors, vendors and potential partners
  •  The chance to pitch your business idea for funding and feedback from our panel of millionaire investors, entrepreneurs and brand strategists…
  •  Hands-on workshops to gain step-by-step strategies to move your business forward on Amazon and beyond…
  •  ...and much more!
The Tribe Summit 2017
May 1st - 4th 2017, Wimberley, Texas
Check Out Some Of The Awesome People You'll 
Meet And Learn From During Our Summit Workshops:
Ezra Firestone
The man, the myth, the legend himself. 

“How We Sold $18M With One Article And How We Use Paid Media To Grow Physical Products Brands”
Garrett Gunderson
Garrett is the Founder of Wealth Factory, and the author of Killing Sacred Cows. 

“How To Protect Your Wealth And Grow Your Cashflow While Paying Less Taxes”
James Swanwick
James built a million dollar business using nothing but Facebook ads and a “hint” of Amazon. 

“How We Sell For 3x Our Competitors Price And Dominate Our Competition With Facebook”
Maruxa Murphy
Your Tribe Director and the creator of Perky Perky Coffee.

“How To Create Hoards Of Hungry Buyers Who Buy Every Time You Tell Them To Buy”
The Investment Panel
The way you create your long term sustainability is in business, but the way you protect it and grow your lifestyle is through what you invest in. 

So we wanted to put together a panel of experts who are doing interesting things to reduce their tax burdens, to grow their stock portfolios, their real estate holdings, and everyone on this panel has multi-million holdings in something. 

Whether it’s stocks, real estate, or investment funds, we’re going to look at the different investing opportunities, what they predict is coming in the next year, and what their best tax avoidance strategies are.
Garrett Gunderson
Jermaine Massey
Here's What You'll Learn From The Investment Panel:
  •  The ONLY passive income strategies that you should consider (hint: it’s based in CASH FLOW, not speculation)… 
  •  How to reduce your tax burdens while also creating more income and sustainability… (yes, you can write “just about” anything off)…
  •  How to acquire real estate with none of your own money so that you can live off of the cash flow… 
  •  Predictions on where the economy is going and what you should invest in next… (the entire panel thinks that times are about to get tough)…
  •  How to use business profits to fund your income sources, so that you are constantly building more and more passive income for long term sustainability…
  •  …and more!
The Audience Panel
Learn how top audience builders are creating communities and audiences that drive more sales to their brand experiences. 

Tap in to their expertise and ask questions to support your brands growth in the next 12 months.
Ryan Moran
Maruxa Murphy
Khierstyn Ross
James Swanwick
Jenna Zigler
Travis Zigler
Rita Almusa
Here's What You'll Learn From The Audience Panel:
  •  The single most powerful way to get your audience talking about you EVERYWHERE...
  •  How to scale Facebook and YouTube traffic to sell more and more of your products...
  •  How to craft your story to engage your audience through multiple platforms...
  •  How to use crowdfunding to engage new audiences and powerful revenue channels...
  •  The fastest way to turn your brand into viral content...
  •  …and more!
Additional Tribe Workshops Will Be Led By:
Ari Cohen
Ezra Firestone
Clement Wan
Riley Judd
Rita Almusa
Chelsea Cohen
Mike Foley
Casey Gauss
James Swanwick
Matthew Tremolada
Yev Marusenko
Emily Rose
Greg Glover
Collette Hill
Julie Burns
Lauren Sanchou
Max Kerwick
Here Are Some Of The Other Activities 
You'll Enjoy From The Summit:
  •  3 and 1/2 days of fun with other brand builders, investors and influencers coming together to get out of the box, network, pitch opportunities and expand what's possible...
  •  The "Tank", where brand builders can strategize with expert entrepreneurs, investors and influencers on how to improve their brands...
  •  Dozens of opportunities to kick back and relax with other Tribe members face-to-face...
  •  A schedule full of opportunities to network, workshop, eat, pitch, play and run AND it is up to you how you choose to spend your time. You can do everything - or nothing - and it's all up to you!
  •  240 acres of green natural rolling terrain, 5-acre refreshingly cool lake, a wealth of oak trees, 3 wacky waterslides, and dawn-grazing deer - you'll be blown away by the beauty!
  •  Everything taken care of for you! Once you're here, your food, housing and activities will be set for you - all you'll have to do is take care of doing what you came here to do - relax, connect and grow yourself and your business!
  •  ...and So Much More...
Your Tribe Summit Questions Answered
I Didn't Have To Pay Last Year, Why Am I Paying This Year?
Last year we covered the venue and the speaker costs, and you were on your own for hotel, transportation and food. 

This year since we’re at a camp ground, we were able to get an all-in-one price on the venue, lodging and food, and we’ve also added complimentary transportation between the Airport and Camp.

When you compare that to 3-4 nights at a typical hotel venue would run you $100 - $300 per night, food for those same days could run $150+ easily and roundtrip transportation between the airport and the camp would be between $150 - $200 using a taxi or ride share service.

So, at just $350 total for all of your lodging and meals, along with complimentary bus service, you are most likely actually saving quite a bit over last year’s Tribe Summit. 
What Are The Dates For The Tribe Summit?
Tribe Summit is from May 1st - 4th. We will begin at 5:30pm Central on the evening of May 1st and end mid-day on May 4th. 
When Do You Recommend Arriving And Leaving?
We recommend getting in on May 1st before 3:00pm and leaving after we end around 2:00pm on May 4th.
What Airport Should I Use?
We recommend flying into Austin Bergstrom International Airport - it's the closest airport. The camp will be about 45 minutes to one hour from the airport.
Where Is The Summit Hosted?
We are hosting this grown up summer camp style! We will be staying in bunks/cabins with other Tribe members to build the relationship with one another, have fun and network like crazy.
How Do I Get From The Airport To The Camp?
You'll have 3 options:

1. Use our complimentary shuttle service: We will be providing a bus which will make 4 trips from the Airport to Tribe Camp on May 1st, and at least 2 trips from Camp to the Airport on May 4th.

2. Rent a car: Expect around $40 per day

3. Use ride sharing: Round trip to and from airport may be around $140 - $200.
How Many Tribe Members Are You Expecting?
We have enough housing for 180 Tribe Members and we expect these spots to go quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot right now.
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